FAQ: Why don’t you allow comments on your blog or involve yourself in most social media?

A couple of years back, I closed comments on my blog and removed email access. When I started using Twitter as an amalgamation feed for my blog, I decided to make it clear in my profile that I don’t read @-replies. And I’m not on Facebook. All of these were rather soul-wrenching decisions, I’m afraid… Read more »

Putting My Most Frequently-Asked Question to Bed

Warning: This post contains Fire spoilers. Where do you get the inspirations for your novels? There’s are two fundamental problems with this question: (1) It contains incorrect assumptions about where a book comes from. The tiniest proportion of a book — let’s say 3% — comes from inspiration. (2) It’s also unanswerable. Where does that… Read more »

A Few Tour Questions

Before I get to the questions, I love Justine Larbalestier’s recent blog post, written to her friends and extended family: “You don’t have to read my books.” Now seems like an appropriate time for me to link to it, since I have a new book that’s just come out. Friends and family who might be… Read more »

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

(Says Hamlet, who thinks himself straight down the path to disaster, but anyway. I’ve been thinking about thinking, and the ways that thinking can be good. ^_^) FAQ: How would you respond to an interpretation of Graceling that reads Katsa and Po’s relationship as abusive? (Okay, this isn’t actually a frequently asked question, but I… Read more »

Randutiae, Plus a FAQ: Do you have playlists for your books?

Before I get to the FAQ, I like my friend Sam’s short Tuesday post about climate change, blame, and responsibility. I also like this xkcd (though this one is still my favorite). AND I like watching those ladies luge. Have you been watching the ladies luge? The speed they achieve defies belief! And how about… Read more »

Movie FAQs

Has anyone optioned Graceling and/or Fire yet?Nope! Who would you want to play the various characters? Do you have any movie ideas?On rare occasions, I try to picture Katsa, and usually, I fail. Sometimes, however, Zhang Ziyi springs to mind, because she can be fierce. Truth is, I’d love to see Graceling translated into a… Read more »