Teeny Books for Christmas

This December, I discovered the Etsy shop Ever After Miniatures, which offers DIY printable miniature books. You buy the templates, print them out, then cut, fold, and paste the sweetest little openable books, which have readable pages inside. This sort of project is made for me. Most evenings, I would work on a few. I… Read more »

In Which the Author Makes a Star

I found a pattern for a 20-sided star online (called a Moravian star).  While I printed it out, Kevin went through my wrapping paper collection and chose a really lovely one made of an old German map of Europe. I cut out twenty of these…. …to turn into twenty of these. At a certain point,… Read more »

Three Christmas Carols I Listened to Today

For if you want something dramatic, played by a chamber orchestra, and almost a little jazzy… The Wexford Carol as performed by City of London Sinfonia and sung by the King’s Singers. For if you want to pretend you’re drinking mead with the lord of the manor… The King as performed by Loreena McKennitt and… Read more »

Christmas Critters

The Australian cattle herder awaits his Christmas stocking. Do you herd what I herd? Christmas catnip and the adolescent cat. *ecstasy* This is my 17th Christmas. Catnip is for children.I choose to look beautifuland comport myself with dignity. Except that this thing keepsfollowing me around, guys. Guys? I am such a good boy. I know becausethis human keeps… Read more »

The Sun Sets at 4PM These Days…

…and after that, Brattle Square Florist in Harvard Square glows with color. Happy sigh… In another part of Harvard Square… I see that Bitterblue is among the Holiday Hundred at Harvard Book Store, which means it’s 20% off. I mention this because this is my local indie and the way to get books signed/personalized by… Read more »