Stuff and Things, Including Holiday Gifts and Sex Ed in Our Schools (Unrelated ^_^)

[Warning for those afraid of heights and also my mother: trapeze photos below!] A quick note to anyone who’s considering buying signed/inscribed copies of my books from Harvard Book Store as we approach the holidays: I will be out of town, hence unable to sign things, from December 11 to December 19, then again at… Read more »

Friday Randutiae

An unexpected change in my weekend plans leaves me with some time this afternoon for blogging a bit of randutiae… My dear friend Amanda MacGregor recently wrote a piece for Modern Loss about what happens when the experience of traumatic loss collides with the way we use social media. She writes that following the sudden… Read more »

A Few Tour Questions

Before I get to the questions, I love Justine Larbalestier’s recent blog post, written to her friends and extended family: “You don’t have to read my books.” Now seems like an appropriate time for me to link to it, since I have a new book that’s just come out. Friends and family who might be… Read more »

“So I started out for God knows where…

… I guess I’ll know when I get there.” (That’s how it feels sometimes when you’re learning to fly, you know?) (Link plays song.) So, I haven’t been blogging about trapeze class, but it’s not because I haven’t been taking class. It’s because I start to worry that it’s obnoxious and narcissistic to plaster pictures… Read more »

I Dreamed a Dream

Some news deserves mention on the blog: in Germany, Fire, or Die Flammende, debuted on the Spiegel adult hardcover bestseller list. Shazam! Thanks so much to my German readers. I cannot wait to visit you in March. Also, FYI to American and Canadian readers: Fire is just coming out in paperback (the release date is… Read more »

Trapeze = Writing Therapy

Warning to the acrophobic (and to my mother): This post contains trapezey photos! So, I really do think that trapezing is the perfect extracurricular activity for the writer — for two reasons. One: trapezing is completely different from writing, and therefore, it’s the perfect break. When I’m writing, I’m sitting in a chair, I’m racking… Read more »

Because I’m Tired

I have been working hard on a LONG speech (60 minutes) I’m giving next week in Chicago, and I feel like I should write something here about speech-writing and revising and timing and practicing, but, you know what? I’m too damn tired. Also, I’ve been researching the American health insurance industry and, well, do I… Read more »