A couple of links from my tour, video and audio, Madrid and Paris

Here’s a video link to the Q&A portion of my event at Casa del Libro on Madrid’s Gran Via, September 11. It’s about 14 minutes long; my editor, Patricia Escalona, serves as interpreter. It might be a little bit tricky for non-Spanish speakers to follow, because the English versions of the questions didn’t always make it into the microphone. Though my answers did. The first audience question was, “Why do you write about girls?” … I wonder, why is it that writing about boys requires no justification, yet I am repeatedly asked why I write about girls?

And here’s an audio link to an interview with L’autre Monde in Paris, conducted by Xavier Desnos, who asked some nice, in-depth questions about Bitterblue. My wonderful interpreter was Adèle Ecochard. About 9:30 minutes.  And Some photos and other stuff are here.

Many thanks to everyone involved 🙂