Bicicletas and Biciclette

 bicycles parked on an Amsterdam street One night in Copenhagen, I was waiting for the hotel elevator, when two Danish men about my age stepped out of their room. One of them belched loudly as he stepped into the corridor — then saw me, and was embarrassed. They both started chuckling, and speaking to me,… Read more »


Hello from Paris! A new day, a new language. So, it’s essentially impossible to capture Madrid on film — the noise, the sun, the traffic, the people, the scale of the buildings — unless maybe you have an IMAX camera, which I didn’t. I stopped trying after a while, so what I’m showing here barely… Read more »

My Spanish event will be streaming live at 19.30 local time

Hi everyone, if you want to watch my book event this evening at Casa del Libro Gran Via at 19.30 (7:30 PM), it will be streaming live. Everything will be spoken in both English and Spanish. Go to @rocajoven on Twitter for more information: Or my own Twitter, @kristincashore. (Sorry, I can’t really deal… Read more »

An Introvert Forced to Emulate an Extrovert

Charlie Stross on a book tour reality TV idea. Though just to be clear, my European tour is NOT like what he describes. See my earlier post about the difference between a domestic and an international tour for an American author, at least in my experience. The two are very different; he is describing what… Read more »

Madrid Moments

Over chocolate and churros, I watch Patricia roll a cigarette. Later, it is my responsibility to drink this beverage. It’s a Belgian beer called Kwak, because of the sound it makes when you get down to the narrow portion of the glass. Jorge, who was born in Mexico, now lives in Madrid, and once lived… Read more »

Extreme Flirting Across the Gran Via

This seems like an appropriate first post for Madrid: my lovely editor Patricia and I are sitting on the rooftop terrace of my hotel. Across Madrid’s gorgeous Gran Via, some men are doing construction — can you see the beam hanging from the crane and the two men under it?  Well, I was taking pictures… Read more »

From Here You Can Almost See the Sea

The Italian cover of Fire, published by De Agostini. Click to enbiggen. The text means something along the lines of, “Her mystique is a gift as sharp as a blade.” 😀 ————> My subject heading is a David Gray song (click here to listen) that popped into my head the instant I walked into my… Read more »