Welcome to My New Website

Hi everyone. Today, I’m so very pleased to introduce my new website. It was made by Jenny Medford at Websy Daisy, whom I recommend enthusiastically. On my end, everything was straightforward and easy; Jenny was patient, responsive, and imaginative; the parts of website-building that were beyond my abilities were magically lifted from my plate; I… Read more »

FAQ: Why don’t you allow comments on your blog or involve yourself in most social media?

A couple of years back, I closed comments on my blog and removed email access. When I started using Twitter as an amalgamation feed for my blog, I decided to make it clear in my profile that I don’t read @-replies. And I’m not on Facebook. All of these were rather soul-wrenching decisions, I’m afraid… Read more »

Keeping My Center in the Era of the Interwebs

Here are a few questions I ask myself before I hit “publish” on any blog post: Is it too personal? Will it make me feel exposed in some way? Why? Does it compromise my self-respect? How? To the best of my ability to judge, does it respect others? How recently have I blogged and how… Read more »

On Blogging

A friend and I had a conversation recently about the concept of blogging — or tweeting, if that’s your thing, or being on Facebook — about generally having a public internet presence. This is something I think about a lot — what it means, why I blog, whether I should keep blogging. These are surprisingly… Read more »


Hi everyone. I still exist. Apparently I am taking a small blog break! I didn’t see it coming or I would’ve announced it. But I’ve been doing some more travel, I’ve been having work meetings, I’ve been recuperating, I’ve been working on various categories of things, and somehow haven’t been feeling bloggy. I think a… Read more »

Randutiae, Get Your Randutiae Here

Cover of Fire, U.K. large print edition, published by Clipper Large Print —> So. Randomness today. Read what interests you, skip what doesn’t. Book Boyfriend Names. I got a kick out of Marie Rutkoski‘s short post about literary boyfriends and their names. Do you even have to read the L’Engle books to know that Adam… Read more »