Five Emails and Several Pictures on the Topic of SNOW

It’s becoming difficult to take pictures that convey the absurdity of the situation here in the Boston area. The pictures just don’t do it justice (and it’s hard to get a full view of anything, because backing up quickly puts you against a snowbank). It’s not unusual to walk down a badly-shoveled sidewalk with walls… Read more »

Peaceful Country Living

[Trigger warning for deadly weapons and also dog attacks.] [But aside from that, it’s a funny post! I swear!] So. As it says in my bio, “I grew up in the countryside of northeastern Pennsylvania in a village with cows and barns and beautiful views from the top of the hill and all that good… Read more »

Apocalyptica Face Paints

So, my sister, codename: Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, has given me permission to share some more of her face painting. Please note that she owns these pictures; feel free to link to them but please do not gank them. Barn. Blue jay. I asked Apocalyptica why she likes to face paint. She said a lot of… Read more »

Scrabble Complaint, Stuff, and Things

Graceling now exists in Norwegian. Yay! —–> Published by Cappelen Damm and translated by Carina Westberg, whose excellent translation questions spurred my recent post about how Seabane Isn’t Real. This is another randutiae post. Ready? I really like Rebecca Rabinowitz’s short post called Some things to consider when writing fat characters. Some recent words my… Read more »

Word Roundup for a Monday

Boustrophedon [boo-struh-FEED-n], from the Greek βουστροφηδόν, βοῦς (bous) meaning “ox” and στροφή (strophē) meaning “turn”: An ancient method of writing in which every other line of writing is flipped or reversed, with reversed letters. The way oxen would write, you know, if they were turning back and forth in the fields in order to write,… Read more »

Nobody Understands Me

Me at the local yummy vegetarian foodie place (Life Alive. Stupid name, delicious food. Also, no, I am not a vegetarian): I’d like the Romantic Wrap. Please add eggs and greens.The guy: The Romantic Wrap, add eggs and beets?Me: Eggs and greens.The guy: I’m afraid we don’t have any beans.Me: GREENS!  I WANT GREENS! ***My… Read more »