Movie FAQs

Has anyone optioned Graceling and/or Fire yet?

Who would you want to play the various characters? Do you have any movie ideas?
On rare occasions, I try to picture Katsa, and usually, I fail. Sometimes, however, Zhang Ziyi springs to mind, because she can be fierce. Truth is, I’d love to see Graceling translated into a Hong Kong action movie. It would be totally different! Not just translating from book to film, and from my vision to the film director’s, but from an American genre to a Hong Kong one. Could it be done? I don’t know, and the story might have to change a lot, but when I watch Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I find myself thinking about it.

When I saw The New World, I was blown away by the quiet emotion of actress Q’orianka Kilcher. She could pull off Fire.

Aside from what I’ve said above, I have no actor ideas for my characters, and no movie ideas. To be honest, it’s really hard for me to picture what my characters look like… I don’t have clear looks in my mind for them. Every once in a while an actor will have the right spirit for the role, and that’s when I get thinking.

Thanks to my pal D for helping me formulate my answers today.