WINTERKEEP Virtual Tour Info

 Hi, everyone. In the midst of all this difficult news, Winterkeep is about to be released. So it’s time to share the dates and details of my virtual tour events. If you’re looking for a happy escape from all that’s going on — and let’s face it, probably some conversation about how books help us… Read more »

Writer + Reader = Magic. (Also, my tour is about to begin!)

One of the secret delights of being the author of three standalone fantasy novels that differ in their protagonist, their emotional tenor, and their pacing is that a lot of readers will tell me which one they prefer. And (astonishingly), readers’ preferences seem to be pretty evenly divided among the three books. It makes me… Read more »

Bicicletas and Biciclette

 bicycles parked on an Amsterdam street One night in Copenhagen, I was waiting for the hotel elevator, when two Danish men about my age stepped out of their room. One of them belched loudly as he stepped into the corridor — then saw me, and was embarrassed. They both started chuckling, and speaking to me,… Read more »


That insubstantial, hook-shaped landmass I can see from my airplane window is unmistakably Cape Cod. I am home 🙂

My Spanish event will be streaming live at 19.30 local time

Hi everyone, if you want to watch my book event this evening at Casa del Libro Gran Via at 19.30 (7:30 PM), it will be streaming live. Everything will be spoken in both English and Spanish. Go to @rocajoven on Twitter for more information: Or my own Twitter, @kristincashore. (Sorry, I can’t really deal… Read more »

An Introvert Forced to Emulate an Extrovert

Charlie Stross on a book tour reality TV idea. Though just to be clear, my European tour is NOT like what he describes. See my earlier post about the difference between a domestic and an international tour for an American author, at least in my experience. The two are very different; he is describing what… Read more »

Fall Events in Europe and the US

This fall (starting next week! ACK!! Where is Bunter to pack for me!), I’m doing public events in Stockholm, Kristianstad, Madrid, and Paris. (I’ll also be in Amsterdam, but I don’t believe I’ll have any public events there — I’ll come back and let you know if I do.) I’ll also be in Arlington, VA… Read more »