Some Dresses to Go With Your Hats

I just finished a massive revision. I am celebrating by lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling, and occasionally taking bites out of a cheeseburger. It is THE BEST. Some End of Revision Randutiae for you, dear readers: Fancy dresses from the Met Gala. Some of these dresses are actually beyond my powers of… Read more »

The World Cup of Arm-Folding

If you’ve been watching the World Cup, then chances are, you’ve seen a lot of players turn to the left and cross their arms during the line-up presentations. Even if you haven’t, I bet you’ll enjoy this piece at Slate, Who Won the World Cup of Arm-Folding? Hilarious. Read it on a device that allows… Read more »

Sharing Some Great Links…

… via screencaps of all the browsers currently open on my phone. Some of these are priceless, others are slightly pointless… 1. Dance performances on the Ability Unlimited Foundation website. The Ability Unlimited Foundation is a Delhi-based non-profit social service organization for the benefit of differently-abled people irrespective of race, religion, caste, colour and creed…. Read more »

Scrabble Complaint, Stuff, and Things

Graceling now exists in Norwegian. Yay! —–> Published by Cappelen Damm and translated by Carina Westberg, whose excellent translation questions spurred my recent post about how Seabane Isn’t Real. This is another randutiae post. Ready? I really like Rebecca Rabinowitz’s short post called Some things to consider when writing fat characters. Some recent words my… Read more »

Friday Randutiae

An unexpected change in my weekend plans leaves me with some time this afternoon for blogging a bit of randutiae… My dear friend Amanda MacGregor recently wrote a piece for Modern Loss about what happens when the experience of traumatic loss collides with the way we use social media. She writes that following the sudden… Read more »

Sunday Randutiae on the Fly

Just taking a few minutes to say a few things on this busy Sunday… My dear friend Amanda MacGregor has a new website called Cite Something! where she’s providing research and writing advice to high school and college students. Plus, she has a sense of humor. Go check it out, look around a bit if… Read more »

Writing Homework

Greetings from the back of beyond, dear readers. I love Deborah Kaplan‘s recent post called “Writing Homework for You, My Loyal Readers.” Last fall, Deborah and Amy Stern co-taught the fantasy course at Simmons College’s Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. After they’d started the semester, they realized what the opening assignment should have… Read more »

Links Before Leaving

I have a to-do list the length of, um, something long (why did I set myself up to have to take time to think up a clever metaphor?) so this will be quick, but — I’m reading a very funny book. It’s called Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School: Book the First) and is by Gail… Read more »