Holiday Randutiae and a Couple FAQs

Dear Santa, I would like a teleporter for Christmas.

Though I have to admit that air travel has gotten less onerous for me recently. Not because anything has changed for the better at the airports or on the airlines; quite the opposite. Things seem to be getting worse. Rather, because I’ve come to realize that unless I want to be miserable all the time, there are certain things I just need to let go. Like my expectation of being treated with any dignity, for example. :D?  Sigh…

I just took a look at last year’s resolutions. I’ve happy to say that I’ve kept them all, except for one: I still haven’t baked any bread. I was too busy making Bitterblue. HOWEVER, there is still time, and I bet I can convince one of the many people I’ll be traveling to in the next few weeks to make bread with me before the New Year.

A couple random FAQs: 

Should I read/reread Graceling and Fire before I read Bitterblue?
You don’t need to. It wouldn’t hurt, and I suppose it might help, but only do it if you feel like it; don’t worry about it if you don’t.

Why do you use swear words on your blog, but never the F word?
Because I’m saving the F word for the day when I write a blog post about the for-profit health insurance industry and the way its CEOs become wealthy by not only preying on, but exacerbating, other people’s personal tragedies.


Happy Monday, everyone :o)