A Quiet Moment

In the past five weeks, I’ve been in Alaska, Western Mass, Vermont, New York, and Pittsburgh, all while continuing to orchestrate a house and office move here in Boston and gear up for a book release. Next week, I go to ALA in Chicago. Meanwhile, the news continues along in its horrible way. Somehow I’ve… Read more »

Writing Moments

Revising, as I’ve mentioned, is really intense right now, so I’m making sure I take breaks whenever I need them. Today at midday, I decided I needed a walk to clear my head. However, it’s 41°F (5°C) outside today, a heat wave the likes of which I’ve apparently forgotten how to cope with; I put… Read more »

Happiness is being an aunt. Also, a book recommendation

I am getting some much-needed rest and rejuvenation with the help of some little girls in Florida. Recent conversations: Codename Isis (aged 3) (in the living room, building a puzzle): Where is the other puzzle piece?Codename Phoenix (aged 3) (thoughtfully): Science will solve this mystery. Isis (in the park): How will we get these ants… Read more »

Notes from a Few Days Off

If you’ve never seen a movie by Terrence Malick, The Tree of Life (out in theaters now) might not be the best one to start with; I worry that this tale of family relationships in the 1950s and today, starring Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Hunter McCracken, and Sean Penn, might lose you ’round about the… Read more »

The Story of My Vacation (In Books and Music)

Here’s the story of my vacation: I went to Prince Edward Island. Now I’m back. la la la la la Hey, listen, I am not a travel writer, okay? Actually, I do expect to have some things to say about the trip, but I’m waiting for the pictures from my photographer, also known as my… Read more »

Forever Incomplete

I’m still away, but I set this up to post while I was gone. A friend gave it to me just at the moment when I needed it most. Thanks, Sandra, for sharing these lyrics with me: I have been running so sweaty my whole lifeurgent for a finish line —and I have been missing… Read more »