Sometimes when my nieces (now aged nearly 4) visit, I leave things within their reach on purpose, just to see what they make treasures of. In my bedroom closet, in the bottom of this tall boot, I found… the drain thingie from my bathroom sink… with a quarter nestled inside.  I see that on my… Read more »

A Day in the Life

Today, codenames: Isis and Phoenix (age 3) asked me if I have any scary dreams. I told them (a modified version of) a scary dream I had recently. Isis patted me sympathetically on the arm and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you. We jump on people and scare away their bad dreams.” The dream removal… Read more »

Happiness is being an aunt. Also, a book recommendation

I am getting some much-needed rest and rejuvenation with the help of some little girls in Florida. Recent conversations: Codename Isis (aged 3) (in the living room, building a puzzle): Where is the other puzzle piece?Codename Phoenix (aged 3) (thoughtfully): Science will solve this mystery. Isis (in the park): How will we get these ants… Read more »

In Which Some of Us Are 27 Months Old

Kristin bumps her head and says Ow.Codename: Phoenix: Kristin, did you break your crown while you were fetching a pail of water? Codename: Joe is driving the car, at a reasonable pace. Codenames: Phoenix and Isis are in the back seat.Phoenix (screaming): GO FAST! GO FAST!Isis (screaming): SLOW DOWN! SLOW DOWN! I am reading Death… Read more »

La La La La

In the Boston Public Garden, walking on the grass is not allowed. The other day, codename: Isis (nearly two years old) kept trying to climb over the low chain to get onto the grass. Codename: Cordelia said to her, “No, Isis, we’re not allowed on the grass.” Isis said, “Okay Mommy.” Then she threw her… Read more »

Twins in the House

Lack of blogging is due to the presence of toddler twins in the house. This morning, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so everything was a little fuzzy at the edges. I thought I saw codename: Isis, two years old, down the hall. Someone I was pretty sure was codename: Phoenix, also two years old, came… Read more »

December Rundown

A Text Message from My Sister, Secret Codename: CordeliaI’ve decided we should make gingerbread people with the girls while ur here. We’ll put down a tarp. An Email from My Sister, Secret Codename: Apocalyptica the FlimflammerFor Christmas I am making Mom and Dad a present that involves seashells. Yesterday I went for a very long… Read more »