The Most Commonly-Spoken Language in Each USA State Besides Spanish and English

I really like this map! (Thanks, B.) Super interesting. From Image credit: Ben Blatt/Slate. Also, for them that’s interested, the other day, to my astonishment, I wrote two and a half pages. Or, as I emailed to a particular group of interested friends, “tuna half pages.” There are certain dictation errors that I encounter… Read more »

Dragon for Mac: No.

I try not to make my blog Whinge Central, but this information might actually be helpful for some of you out there. So: I’m sure Dragon Dictate’s latest version of dictation software for Mac users (by Nuance) is useful to someone with some job, but I’m sorry to say that if you happen to be… Read more »

Sleep, Pretty Darling, Do Not Cry… and Other Thursday Randutiae

Happy Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day! Someone who uses voice recognition software and draws should start a VRS comic strip. The objects that appear suddenly in my scenes because my VRS has misunderstood me are visually amusing. I just dictated the line, “‘I will,’ she said with a sob,” and my VRS typed, “‘I… Read more »

Bad Days, Voice Recognition Software, SNoQ, and Benedict Cumberbatch

Wednesday was one of those days where you wake up and it’s so dark outside that you feel like there must’ve been some mix-up with the sun. And it never gets any brighter, and also your hands hurt, but you have to do a lot of computer work anyway, and because your hands hurt, you’re… Read more »

Authors, Appearances, Anxiety, and Dropping One’s Pants

I’m annoyed that my voice recognition software recognizes Ludwig Wittgenstein on the first try but doesn’t recognize Miss Marple. Humph. (To be fair, it doesn’t recognize Lord Peter Wimsey, either. But nor does it recognize Luce Irigaray. But it recognizes Jo March. But not Gilbert Blythe. AARGHHH!) (Incidentally, my favorite VRS kerfuffle recently was when… Read more »