My Mother Made Me a Hat

So, the movers are coming tomorrow, and though I’m surrounded by exquisite disarray, I feel this is the moment to blog pictures (taken by Kevin) of a very special (perhaps even magical) hat. Because now is the time to celebrate beautiful things. :o) My regular readers know that I knit. Well, my mother knits on… Read more »

God Bless Our Mistakes

One of the things I appreciate most about my parents is that they’ve let me make my own decisions, even if it means they’ve had to stand back and watch me make mistakes. Being allowed to mess up is fundamentally freeing. Knowing that failure is always an option — being suspicious about the assumed definitions… Read more »

“We can bequest our children but two things:

The first is roots, the other wings.” Don’t know who said that, but I’ve liked it since the first time I read it. My conversation with School Library Journal‘s Rick Margolis is online. Thank you, Rick! You’re awesome. Speaking of things Italian and Catholic — as I did with Rick, in case that segue seems… Read more »


After living in a big old house in the northeastern Pennsylvania countryside for 32 years (also known as my whole life), my parents are moving to Audubon, New Jersey to be closer to family and civilization and to take on a more manageable property. This is a really good thing for them. Nonetheless, all this… Read more »