Two Seven-Year-Olds Write Two Letters

My twin nieces live in Jacksonville, FL, an area that generally votes red, but only by a couple percentage points. After the election, one of my nieces noticed that the neighbors had taken down their Hillary sign, and she worried that the neighbors were sad. So she wrote them a letter. from: your neighbor [name… Read more »


Sometimes when my nieces (now aged nearly 4) visit, I leave things within their reach on purpose, just to see what they make treasures of. In my bedroom closet, in the bottom of this tall boot, I found… the drain thingie from my bathroom sink… with a quarter nestled inside.  I see that on my… Read more »

A Day in the Life

Today, codenames: Isis and Phoenix (age 3) asked me if I have any scary dreams. I told them (a modified version of) a scary dream I had recently. Isis patted me sympathetically on the arm and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you. We jump on people and scare away their bad dreams.” The dream removal… Read more »

Happiness is being an aunt. Also, a book recommendation

I am getting some much-needed rest and rejuvenation with the help of some little girls in Florida. Recent conversations: Codename Isis (aged 3) (in the living room, building a puzzle): Where is the other puzzle piece?Codename Phoenix (aged 3) (thoughtfully): Science will solve this mystery. Isis (in the park): How will we get these ants… Read more »

In Which Some of Us Are 27 Months Old

Kristin bumps her head and says Ow.Codename: Phoenix: Kristin, did you break your crown while you were fetching a pail of water? Codename: Joe is driving the car, at a reasonable pace. Codenames: Phoenix and Isis are in the back seat.Phoenix (screaming): GO FAST! GO FAST!Isis (screaming): SLOW DOWN! SLOW DOWN! I am reading Death… Read more »

“I don’t believe in an afterlife, but I still fully expect to see my brother again”

Last Christmas, at my parents’ house, my nieces (who were about 16 months old at the time) kept telling us that they wanted to be read to, but every time their mother, codename: Cordelia, began a new book, they would get distracted, wander around, then come back a few minutes later with another book, asking… Read more »

Birthday Month on the Blog

August is Extreme Birthday Month here on the blog. This month, I turn 35, my father turns a particularly distinguished age, and the babies, if you can believe it, turn TWO — and that’s not even taking into consideration all the friends with birthdays now-ish. I’m sending happy birthday wishes to Switzerland and France this… Read more »