Two New Books and an Event

Do you all know about Mary’s Monster (by Lita Judge) and The Hazel Wood (by Melissa Albert), both set to release on Tuesday? If you’re in the Boston area, both authors have events this week. Lita Judge will be at Porter Square Books on Saturday (Feburary 3, 3pm) and I’m hosting Melissa Albert’s event at… Read more »

A Quiet Moment

In the past five weeks, I’ve been in Alaska, Western Mass, Vermont, New York, and Pittsburgh, all while continuing to orchestrate a house and office move here in Boston and gear up for a book release. Next week, I go to ALA in Chicago. Meanwhile, the news continues along in its horrible way. Somehow I’ve… Read more »

An Intellectual Feline

This is Lickety. (Some of you have met her before.) Lickety is a most precocious cat. But does she really read Herodotus, who wrote about the Greco-Persian wars? Lickety, can you tell us who won? Does she really read David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (upside-down, no less)?Lickety, what’s a genre? I would say that Lickety loves… Read more »

Books I’m Currently Dying to Read

It’s causing me pain that I am not reading all of these books this very moment. Also, I need to vacuum my rug. The Scorpio Races, by Maggie StiefvaterThe Jewel-Hinged Jaw, essays on science fiction by Samuel R. DelanyCloud Atlas, by David MitchellOut of Left Field, by Liza KetchumWild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children’s… Read more »

January Cold Randutiae

A couple years ago, we had one of those winters that never really got started… hardly any snow, and the temperatures weirdly high. Spring came and I felt like I’d been cheated. That’s certainly not happening this year. And here in Cambridge, our frequent temps of 10 and 20°F (-12 and -7°C, approximately) are downright… Read more »