December: In Like a Stressed-Out Lion, Out Like a Stressed-Out Lamb

Oh, December. At least you’re predictable.

Last year, I took most of December off from the blog. This year, I might as well turn it into a tradition. I don’t know about you, but for me, December is always twice as much month as any other month, and I have a whole lot to do before I’m ready to get on an airplane and venture to a yet-to-be-determined location for Christmas. For example, I need to determine a location. :o)   Anyway, between trapezing and Bollywood, my last few posts were so long that some of you might need all of December to read them.

One note to anyone thinking about buying signed copies of Graceling or Fire as Christmas presents: I’m pretty sure I’m going to be 1,158 miles away from my local bookseller during the week before Christmas… *measures arm* …way too far away for me to reach the title page with my pen, so get those orders in soon.

To those who have celebrated, are celebrating, or will be celebrating a holiday: peace and joy to you. For the many of you who do not celebrate Christmas yet feel it shoved in your face: I’m sorry about the noise and the assumptions you might be navigating, and I wish you extra peace.  For those who do celebrate Christmas yet feel it shoved in your face: take a breath; bravely resist the madness wherever you can; look for perspective. For those lucky people who love this time of year regardless of what or whether they celebrate: bless your hearts.  Northern hemisphere people: happy winter. Southern hemisphere people: happy summer. People in the middle: stay cool. Northern latitudes people with seasonal affective disorder: hang in there, the shortest day of the year is nigh!  Hibernating bears: sweet dreams. Peace, everyone!