Checking In

Re: Bitterblue travel: I’ll be in Sweden (Stockholm and Kristianstad/Malmö), Spain (at least Madrid, not sure beyond that yet), France (Paris), and the Netherlands (at least Amsterdam) in September — it’s official, my transatlantic flights are booked — and I’ll post more details when I have them. Re: blogginess: There are a few updates I… Read more »

You Know You’re Tired…

… when you find yourself fascinated by random shapes in your hotel room. Lamps. Mirrors. The corner. My editor encouraged me to take lots of pictures while I’m on tour, and post them on my blog. This may not be what she meant. Oh well. She knows I’m a little bit weird 🙂 The tour… Read more »

Nobody Understands Me

Me at the local yummy vegetarian foodie place (Life Alive. Stupid name, delicious food. Also, no, I am not a vegetarian): I’d like the Romantic Wrap. Please add eggs and greens.The guy: The Romantic Wrap, add eggs and beets?Me: Eggs and greens.The guy: I’m afraid we don’t have any beans.Me: GREENS!  I WANT GREENS! ***My… Read more »