I Choose This As the Subject Line

When I’m really, really tired and trying to juggle too many balls (metaphorically), sometimes my short-term memory completely vanishes. For example, I’ll be walking along the street, see the cash machine, and think to myself, “Maybe I should get some cash just in case I need it at the airport tomorrow. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Yes, I should!”, I’ll think, proud of myself for making an important travel-related decision. Then I’ll look around in confusion, wonder why I’m having a conversation with myself on the sidewalk, and walk home. Forgetting all about the cash. Or, something that just happened 15 minutes ago: I’ll let myself into the lobby of my building, and then, as I’m walking the short distance to my door, put my keys away in my bag, proud of myself for this excellent example of multitasking. Finding myself at my door, I’ll stare at the door in confusion, remember I need the key to get inside, then panic for a moment, because I can’t figure out why my keys aren’t in my hand and am afraid I’ve lost them.

SIGH…. tonight, I intend to get lots of sleep.

Guys, there’s this new guy who keeps inserting himself into my manuscript. His name is Desolate Lee. Whenever he shows up, I’m reminded that (1) my voice recognition software does not recognize the word “desolately” and (2) I am using the word “desolately” WAY TOO OFTEN in my manuscript. It’s funny that whenever Lee shows up, he is only ever desolate. He is never Happy Lee or Crafty Lee or Morose Lee or Grumpy Lee or Decisive Lee or Remote Lee….. he is only ever Desolate Lee. Poor Lee.

Poor we.

Okay, disintegrating into nonsense, better hit publish and go pack. I hope to see some of you next week in Germany! My schedule is here.