A Quiet Moment

In the past five weeks, I’ve been in Alaska, Western Mass, Vermont, New York, and Pittsburgh, all while continuing to orchestrate a house and office move here in Boston and gear up for a book release. Next week, I go to ALA in Chicago. Meanwhile, the news continues along in its horrible way. Somehow I’ve… Read more »

Notes from Birthday Month

It’s birthday month on the blog and things are looking up with my revision. o/o/ Also, my nieces just turned 7… my father will shortly turn 75… and next week, I turn 40! I’m certain it never occurred to me when I was a kid that someday I would be glowing with happiness to be… Read more »

These Photos Speak for Themselves

An alternative title to this post is “France is Yummy: Miscellany.” These are not all my meals. My companions — fellow authors, publishing folk and interpreters — became accustomed to me leaning over their shoulders with my iPhone. Please forgive me for the fact that in some cases, I can’t remember what these dishes were,… Read more »