You Know You’re Tired…

… when you find yourself fascinated by random shapes in your hotel room. Lamps. Mirrors. The corner.

My editor encouraged me to take lots of pictures while I’m on tour, and post them on my blog. This may not be what she meant. Oh well. She knows I’m a little bit weird 🙂

The tour is going really well. I don’t say this enough: I’ve got the most wonderful readers. The people at my events in Cambridge, Rhinebeck, Villanova, Haverford, Bethesda, Naperville, and now here in the Minneapolis area have been so generous to me, and the questions have been SO SMART. I’m trying to keep track of some of my favorite questions, and I’ll blog them, with answers, at some point.

At events, I’m too hectic to be taking pictures, plus, while on the road, I’m blogging from my phone, so I’m limited when it comes to what pictures I can easily blog/label/format. So I don’t have event pictures to share (though I do have a few I’m working on setting up, and hope to share soon). Hopefully you’re fascinated by lamps, mirrors, and corners?

Thanks to my readers who come see me at my events. You make the craziness of a tour worthwhile, and your smarts are keeping me from losing my mind 🙂

ETA: One question I’ve been getting a lot is, what do I like to read? Check out the brand-new Graceling Realm website Penguin built,, and click on the Extras tab. There’s a big long list of some of my favorite books. (Plus, some of Ian’s beautiful art!)