Writer + Reader = Magic. (Also, my tour is about to begin!)

One of the secret delights of being the author of three standalone fantasy novels that differ in their protagonist, their emotional tenor, and their pacing is that a lot of readers will tell me which one they prefer. And (astonishingly), readers’ preferences seem to be pretty evenly divided among the three books. It makes me… Read more »

Some Q&A Info and a Farmer Calls the Cows In

If you want to follow along with my Q&A this week at David Estes’s Goodreads group, or even join in, here’s where you need to go. Some explanations of the setup: at the top of that page is the questions people have been asking me, listed in bold. The wonderful Jenny, who is keeping things… Read more »

A Thank You to My Readers

Today I received a pile of fan letters in the mail, forwarded from my publisher, and I’ve just spent some time reading a few of them. This batch came from all over the United States; it came from Canada, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand… To answer a few questions that come up… Read more »

You Know You’re Tired…

… when you find yourself fascinated by random shapes in your hotel room. Lamps. Mirrors. The corner. My editor encouraged me to take lots of pictures while I’m on tour, and post them on my blog. This may not be what she meant. Oh well. She knows I’m a little bit weird 🙂 The tour… Read more »

A Thank You

A book release can be overwhelming. A lot of factors converge at once. Reviews, to be honest, don’t really faze me, but they do create a lot of swirling noise. There’s a lot of noise in general during a book release, and when you’re trying to ground yourself in what matters, noise can be decentering…. Read more »

“Have we met?”

Here’s a moment from the first time Buffy’s mother, Joyce, officially meets Buffy’s vampire nemesis, Spike: Joyce [pleasantly]: Have we met?Spike: Um, you hit me with an axe one time.[Joyce looks confused]Spike: Remember? [helpfully brandishes imaginary axe] “Get the hell away from my daughter! Rawr!!!” So, now and then I like to ask my readers… Read more »