Jane Sin Límites

I’ve just gotten home and am going through my mail. It’s a day for unpacking, organizing, trying to remember and reinstate my routines, and figuring out which way is up. I like days like this. They’re cozy and slow, and I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself. Especially since I handed in a… Read more »

New (To Me) Music + Some Housekeeping

At the bottom of this post is some information about a way to buy certain foreign editions of Graceling and Fire if you’re stateside. Okay, I’m in a time crunch, but I’m giving myself 20 minutes to try to share some new music with you. First, for those of you who love Irish/Celtic music, I… Read more »

More Pieces

I’m always anxious to spell people’s names correctly when I’m signing books, and in a foreign country where the names and pronunciations are unfamiliar, I really need to see names written in order to understand them. The two French phrases I used most often over the past few days — even more frequently than Désolé,… Read more »

Meanwhile, Back at the Blog

Hello, beautiful people! I’m back. How was your December? Mine was fabulous. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling… and I also received two intriguing packages: (1) My Czech and Slovak Gracelings, published by Ediposs. The Czech cover is on the right. I would tell you what Výjimečná means, except that I don’t know! The… Read more »

A FAQ; A Holiday Question; Stuff; In Addition to Which: Things

The extremely silly gentleman to the right (click to make him bigger. Really. You want to see him bigger) is my friend and fellow writer Will Ludwigsen, who was flabbergasted to find Graceling in the dumps at his local Barnes & Noble. Check out his strange, sad, and lovely story “Remembrance is Something Like a… Read more »