Seabane Isn’t Real

Here’s a brief conversation between Katsa and Po in Graceling: Po looked puzzled. “What’s seabane?”“I don’t know if you have another name for it in Lienid.  It’s a small purple flower. A woman who eats its leaves will not bear a child.” And here’s a line from Bitterblue: Bitterblue examined the item in her hand…. Read more »

Nobody Understands Me

Me at the local yummy vegetarian foodie place (Life Alive. Stupid name, delicious food. Also, no, I am not a vegetarian): I’d like the Romantic Wrap. Please add eggs and greens.The guy: The Romantic Wrap, add eggs and beets?Me: Eggs and greens.The guy: I’m afraid we don’t have any beans.Me: GREENS!  I WANT GREENS! ***My… Read more »

Home Is Where the Ax Murderers Aren’t

I’ve been home for a couple weeks now, but I’m only just starting to get on top of the accumulated mail, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. The more important things, however, are completely under control. For example, one of my orchids is about to blossom, and I moved my ginormous (easily 6 feet tall, probably 4… Read more »

On Mammoth Attraction

From The New Way Things Work, by David Macaulay with Neil Ardley: One day, I happened upon a mammoth whose hair had been lovingly combed. The hairdresser, in fact, was just about to return her creation to its owner. No sooner had the perfectly coiffed animal stepped into the street, however, than a combination of… Read more »