Three Weeks of Revisions, Shown in Nail Polish

When I began this revision, I was feeling a little vulnerable.I wanted my nails to make me think of claws, or maybe little shields. My palette. During the next week, things briefly got impossibleand I needed my nails to help me feel as hard as asphalt. My palette. This morning, I have gotten to a… Read more »

On Writing: Dealing with “I Don’t Wanna”

Sometimes, while writing, instead of feeling like, “Gosh, this is really hard,” I feel like, “Holy hell. This is AGONIZING.” I expect this happens to most every writer. When it happens to me, I call it the I Don’t Wannas, because, as it gets to be time for me to sit my butt in the… Read more »

On Revising: Embrace Tedium, Embrace Chaos

Note: Now that Bitterblue has been out for over a year, I’ve (finally!) updated my Awards and Reviews page to reflect it. Possibly my mother is the only person who will find this interesting, but after all, that’s reason enough for me to link to it 🙂 On to the matter at hand. Tedium is… Read more »

Writing Tools (Bright and Dark)

A few weeks ago, I showed you all the book map that I built for my office wall. This tool has proven itself to be invaluable. I consult it constantly as I’m working. It’s a stupendous structural aid as I reorder the events of this book and refocus the plot. I WANT TO MARRY IT…. Read more »