In Which We Build a Cabin

Over 40 years ago, Kevin’s dad built this cabin. Guess what we did?  The cabin, gingerbread version  Here’s how.  First, we mixed and chilled the dough. (We used this recipe at Food52, except using muscle power and eventually hands instead of a mixer. It worked fine.)  The next day, we rolled it flat… and, using… Read more »

In Which We Try Falconry

This post is about hunting, using trained birds of prey. If you’d rather not read it, I understand… maybe go look at baby goats in pajamas instead :). So. Kevin and I are doing one new thing every month that neither of us has ever done before. In April, we went to a wolf sanctuary…. Read more »

In Which We Do Boda Borg

It’s October…. so we did Boda Borg! Without a doubt, one of my favorite monthly new things so far. Oh my gourd, it was fun. What’s Boda Borg? I’ll explain best I can, but first, for those readers who know what it is and are worried that this post will contain clues or cheats, I… Read more »

In Which We Cut Things With Lasers

It’s September… So we learned how to cut things with lasers! That magnificent creature was cut by me using Asylasaur, the 100W CO2 laser cutter at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA. Before you get too impressed, it it was NOT designed by me. The human designer and the carbon dioxide laser did a lot more… Read more »

Moving and Floating

We decided to go to Float, this place in Somerville where you close yourself inside a small floating tank with body-temperature water containing a thousand pounds of Epson salts (causing guaranteed flotation), and, in silence and complete darkness, float for an hour. Why, you ask? Curiosity, I guess. You step into this tank of water… Read more »