Orchids and Wolves

From home, here’s an update on my re-flowering orchid: A lot of people are nervous about caring for orchids, but in my experience, the big secret is that they do great with a light touch. It’s practically impossible to underwater an orchid. This particular orchid suffered through a sustained period of neglect (like, over a… Read more »

Paris: The Flower Markets on the Île de la Cité

There’s a daily flower market in Paris, right near Notre Dame.(Daily except for Sunday, when I understand that it’s a market for birds instead!) The House of the Orchid. Guess who was very happy in the House of the Orchid?  I followed this lady out of the markets. It delighted me that she was calmly carrying… Read more »


That bud on the upper left has beencurled tight for two and a half months. Look what it did today.

Home Again, YEE-HAW

You know it’s a good trip when you don’t pine for home even once. And you know you love your home when you get back and find yourself practically skipping from room to room because you’re so happy to be there. Three weeks is a long time to be away from home! All of my… Read more »

Bleary Photo Essay

Let’s start with a new cover that I LOVE. Here’s Graceling in Japanese, published by Hayakawa: Can I have that outfit? At least the boots? Next, here’s one of my favorite things. Let me help you parse that picture: an orchid sits in a leather chair. (No, that’s not where I normally keep it. The… Read more »

Home Is Where the Ax Murderers Aren’t

I’ve been home for a couple weeks now, but I’m only just starting to get on top of the accumulated mail, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. The more important things, however, are completely under control. For example, one of my orchids is about to blossom, and I moved my ginormous (easily 6 feet tall, probably 4… Read more »