For Those of You Who Don’t Get to See Snow

It has just started snowing in Central Square, where outside the post office someone clearly has strong feelings about their jacket. Residents are making wise decisions about their windshield wipers. Constructions signs are honorably telling the truth of the matter. Yes, I would agree that that’s a significant delay. Meanwhile, the lights are on at… Read more »

In Which I ♥ My Field (and My Friends)

1. The following is an email exchange between Becca, Amanda, Jess, and me. Me: Guys! I sprained my ass on the flying trapeze. Now I’m sitting on a cold compress.Becca: I read “cold compress” as “golden compass” and was considerably puzzled. Golden compass explanation. 2. The following is an email exchange between Mike and me…. Read more »

There’s Nothing We Can’t Face (Except for Bunnies)

Thursday randutiae! First, the cover of Fire, French adult edition (published by Orbit France). ——–> Second, a new addition to the Gallery of My Favorite Objects. Here’s a bunny I faced the other day: And here’s his antelope (?) and canine (?) friends. I faced them, too. These fingers puppets were made by Donna Marbet,… Read more »


After living in a big old house in the northeastern Pennsylvania countryside for 32 years (also known as my whole life), my parents are moving to Audubon, New Jersey to be closer to family and civilization and to take on a more manageable property. This is a really good thing for them. Nonetheless, all this… Read more »