The Last Few Days in Pictures

I finished a major revision I’ve been working on since before Halloween. Whew!

I took a trip to see my parents for Mother’s Day.
Here’s a blurry picture of me and my Dad
in Wanamaker’s Department Store in Philly, on a very rainy day.
They have a famous organ in the store. My Dad talked about
going to concerts when he was a kid.

Moments later, watching the Philadelphia Philharmonic get ready to play.
(My Dad calls this “batting practice.”)

Scrabble tragedy. Is there anything worse
than having a 7-letter word and no place to put it?

Knitting a TARDIS washcloth :o)
(Pattern by Arwyn Arising can be found on Ravelry, behind the comments tab.)

When I got home, I discovered that five of seven buds are now open.

The sun set on Boston while the Red Sox beat the Oakland A’s.

And I’m reading and rereading mysteries, in preparation for diving into a revision of my other book that’s in revisions.

I also found a new home. I’m moving! (To the next town over.) Cambridge, I love you and I’ll miss you. But you’re too expensive, and also, you’re LOUD.

May all the goodness continue… though I wouldn’t complain of a slower pace.

And that’s the news from here.