Fifth Avenue Pictures + a Podcast Interview

So, over three years ago, I spoke with Deirdre Johnson and Maria Ciccone at the Mount Kisco Public Library in Mount Kisco, New York about Fire. Only a few weeks ago, I spoke with Deirdre again and Deirdre’s sister Mary Johnson, this time about Bitterblue, and the podcast is now available for listening. We talked… Read more »

An Interview, Plus Views of and from Manhattan

Award-winning fantasy author Helen Lowe sent me a bunch of great questions all the way from New Zealand, and I answered them.  They’re now up on her blog.  Thank you so much, Helen!  Writers always ask the best questions (and never ask the worst ones ^_^). Now I need to go put Helen’s books on… Read more »

Interviews, ARC Giveaways, Reviews, Perspective

In lieu of a post today, I’ll link you to Cindy Pon’s interview with me about Bitterblue, over at The Enchanted Inkpot. Cindy is running a Bitterblue ARC giveaway, so head over there if you’re interested! Many thanks to Cindy, who asks really good questions :). My 30-second Hunger Games movie review: I had to… Read more »

They actually did! They had stars upon thars!

Extra points if you recognize today’s title. WARNING: Today’s post is all business, so if you don’t want to read about release dates, my blog tour, my regular tour, reviews (with stars upon thars), interviews, how to read the first 3 chapters of Fire online, etc., etc., please just skip this BORING post and scroll… Read more »

A Short Post. Sort of.

Graceling is a finalist for the 2009 SIBA Book Awards in the YA category, along with Sarah Dessen’s Lock & Key and Trenton Lee Stewart’s The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey. It is so nice to be honored by people you admire (indie booksellers!). Thank you so much to the Southern Independent Booksellers… Read more »

In Which I Blather

A happy addition to my BEA schedule: On Saturday, May 30, from 1-3pm, I’ll be signing books with Melissa Marr at Books of Wonder, 18 West 18th Street, New York City. For today’s post I direct you to the podcast of my recent conversation with Deirdre and Maria at the Mount Kisco Library in Mount… Read more »


I am determined not to yammer about the election in today’s post. But I am also extremely nervous about… um… the thing I’m not going to yammer about. Therefore, the order of the day is: DISTRACTION. First, my recent interview with the Shelf Elf. The Elf Herself asks some great questions. If you could live… Read more »

“We can bequest our children but two things:

The first is roots, the other wings.” Don’t know who said that, but I’ve liked it since the first time I read it. My conversation with School Library Journal‘s Rick Margolis is online. Thank you, Rick! You’re awesome. Speaking of things Italian and Catholic — as I did with Rick, in case that segue seems… Read more »