Pictures from a Rainy Day at the DeCordova Sculpture Park

One of my sisters is currently camping by herself in the Mojave Desert for a month, as part of her doctoral dissertation. Another is evacuating to avoid Hurricane Irma. And I’m about to leave on a book tour…

So my parents and I grabbed a quiet moment and did something close to (my) home: we visited the deCordova Sculpture Park in the rain.

Inside Crazy Spheroid — Two Entrances. That’s my actual Dad, with reflections of me and my Mom.

Are You Here?

Two Big Black Hearts.

Humming. This sculpture looks too soft to be stone. It’s mesmerizing, both close up and from a distance.

I find this one, called DeCordova Ball, extremely soothing. And then, when we were up on the roof…

My mother noticed something.

The unmistakable inspiration for DeCordova Ball!

It was lovely to enter other people’s ideas for an afternoon. I hope you can find some silliness, imagination, and/or wonder in your day, dear reader :). Here’s moonrise over the Mojave Desert to send you on your way:

Taken by request Tuesday night by my sister, Codename: Apocalyptica… because my parents, Kevin and I were sitting around wondering what her skies were like out there.