An Intellectual Feline

This is Lickety. (Some of you have met her before.) Lickety is a most precocious cat. But does she really read Herodotus, who wrote about the Greco-Persian wars? Lickety, can you tell us who won? Does she really read David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (upside-down, no less)?Lickety, what’s a genre? I would say that Lickety loves… Read more »

Alternative Uses for Cats

When writing or reading seated while not at a desk, you should try to prevent neck strain.Pile items on your lap to create a makeshift desk. Pillows, books… whatever’s available. The best makeshift desk is a blissed out desk.

Christmas Critters

The Australian cattle herder awaits his Christmas stocking. Do you herd what I herd? Christmas catnip and the adolescent cat. *ecstasy* This is my 17th Christmas. Catnip is for children.I choose to look beautifuland comport myself with dignity. Except that this thing keepsfollowing me around, guys. Guys? I am such a good boy. I know becausethis human keeps… Read more »

“God have mercy on the [domestic longhair] who doubts what [s]he’s sure of”

I’ve been listening to one of the best Springsteen albums ever, Tunnel of Love. When we were kids, my sister (codename: Cordelia) and I came up with a theory, convincingly backed up by textual evidence, that the song “Brilliant Disguise” was about our cat Sugar, a beautiful and secretive creature one was likely to cross… Read more »

February 14: The Fifth Annual Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, then you know what I think of the societal assumption that a life isn’t full without romance. You also know that while I sympathize with romantic (and every other kind of) cowardice, I really wish that after tea and cake and ices, J. Alfred would force… Read more »

Why Cats Are Superior Creatures: A Photoessay

 They gaze upon you with irreproachable dignity, unaware that they themselves look ridiculous.  They make the rug look good.  They gaze upon you with irreproachable dignity, unaware that it is silly to be under a chair.  They guard the borders.  They, um, get along. Really.  They keep your feet warm… …and your hands.  They gaze upon you… Read more »