Kittens! And Other Links for a Wednesday Evening

YOU GUYS. Over at Written? Kitten!, every time you write one hundred words, YOU GET A PICTURE OF A KITTEN. (Thanks, S!)

Over at Teen Librarian Toolbox, I really like the post “Dear Media, Let me help you write that article on YA literature.” It begins, “Recently, there have been a voluminous number of articles written about YA literature. And they are mostly wrong. So if you are a member of the press and given this assignment, I thought I would help you out a little.  But first, let me start by telling you why I am, in fact, qualified to help you out. Credentials are important, something these articles always seem to lack…” (Thanks, R!)

As a companion to her recent blog post, “Some things to consider when writing fat characters,” Rebecca Rabinowitz has written “Some things to think about when writing thin characters.”


Pardon me for a minute while I copy and paste everything I’ve written in this blog post so far and GO GET ME A KITTEN.



Okay, I’m back. Over at An Awfully Big Blog Adventure, I like Cathy Butler’s “Sir Gradgrind and the Great Amphibium; or, a Peripatetic Defence of Fantasy.”

On my writing desk:

And my plan for the evening:

Happy Wednesday :o)