February 14: The Fifth Annual Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, then you know what I think of the societal assumption that a life isn’t full without romance. You also know that while I sympathize with romantic (and every other kind of) cowardice, I really wish that after tea and cake and ices, J. Alfred would force the moment to its crisis. Finally, you know how much I dislike Valentine’s Day. LISTEN, I have many opinions and they are all CORRECT.

Sigh. Valentine’s Day makes me belligerent.

Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day, on the other hand, makes me happy and proud. Click on that link if you have no idea what I’m talking about and are curious about why I have renamed Valentine’s Day. I’m not being obscure on purpose, I’m being obscure because I am being hit over the head repeatedly by a manuscript right now and linkiness is possible whereas coherent explanations are not. Apologies; this is not going to be my best Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day post ever. Here’s a picture from one of the many bulletin boards in my house — a Pan-Universaltine mailed to me last year by a darling dear.

(If for the first three years of Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day, I was calling it Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day, is it cheating to call this the fifth annual Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day?)

Be who you are, my friends, and be proud of it. For example, I am a person writing a rushed and incoherent blog post that relies too much on links and yelling, and I am proud of it. My sister’s cat Tanker appears to be orbiting Earth, and just look, he is glowing with pride. Tanker, we applaud you.

In conclusion, just because I dislike Valentine’s Day does not mean that I’m not wearing heart jeans right now, and whenever the spirit takes me. Sometimes I even wear them with heart socks. Because that’s WHO I AM.

Wear your heart on your pants.

And so, my readers… who will you be this February 14?