An Intellectual Feline

This is Lickety. (Some of you have met her before.) Lickety is a most
precocious cat. But does she really read Herodotus, who wrote about
the Greco-Persian wars? Lickety, can you tell us who won?

Does she really read David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (upside-down, no less)?
Lickety, what’s a genre?

I would say that Lickety loves her people, her people love books,
and therefore, she snuggles up to her people, then wakes,
innocent and ignorant, to the books they’ve left behind…

except that those are the eyes of a cat who has learned compassion.
Lickety, what’s life like in a Siberian prison camp?

(Sunny, on the other hand, makes no pretense of being an intellectual.)