An Intellectual Feline

This is Lickety. (Some of you have met her before.) Lickety is a most precocious cat. But does she really read Herodotus, who wrote about the Greco-Persian wars? Lickety, can you tell us who won? Does she really read David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (upside-down, no less)?Lickety, what’s a genre? I would say that Lickety loves… Read more »

Christmas Critters

The Australian cattle herder awaits his Christmas stocking. Do you herd what I herd? Christmas catnip and the adolescent cat. *ecstasy* This is my 17th Christmas. Catnip is for children.I choose to look beautifuland comport myself with dignity. Except that this thing keepsfollowing me around, guys. Guys? I am such a good boy. I know becausethis human keeps… Read more »