February 14: Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day — in Zanzibar!

Happy Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day, everyone! (For those of you who are new to the blog, a few years back I decided to reclaim Valentine’s Day and turn it into something else.) Here’s sunrise this morning, in the order in which the various colors happened. Kevin, this is a good day to thank… Read more »

Sleep, Pretty Darling, Do Not Cry… and Other Thursday Randutiae

Happy Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day! Someone who uses voice recognition software and draws should start a VRS comic strip. The objects that appear suddenly in my scenes because my VRS has misunderstood me are visually amusing. I just dictated the line, “‘I will,’ she said with a sob,” and my VRS typed, “‘I… Read more »

February 14: The Fifth Annual Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, then you know what I think of the societal assumption that a life isn’t full without romance. You also know that while I sympathize with romantic (and every other kind of) cowardice, I really wish that after tea and cake and ices, J. Alfred would force… Read more »

February 14: Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day

Click my Indonesian cover to enbiggen. Hello to my new Indonesian readers! *waves* ——-> So, three years ago, I decided to declare February 14 Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day. If you don’t have the energy to click on that link, don’t worry, I’ll explain. But first, I would like to announce that in the… Read more »