Look to Like, If Looking Liking Move

I’ve been wanting to draw bloggy attention to Gareth Hinds’ beautiful graphic novel adaptation of Romeo and Juliet for ages now. First I was hoping to do it before I left for London/Iceland, but trip preparation got in the way. Then I was hoping to do it upon my return, but reentry kind of knocked… Read more »

Guest Post: Helen Lowe

Last year, I spoke with New Zealand-based fantasy author, Helen Lowe, about Bitterblue, an interview that has since been translated into both French and Chinese – probably because Helen asks good questions! Recently, Helen’s novel The Gathering Of The Lost, the second novel in her wall of night series, was shortlisted for the David Gemmell… Read more »

September Fall, September Spring

On a recent morning, I left my house early to meet a friend for breakfast, then had to go back inside for some arm warmers. The shadows are growing longer here in Massachusetts, the light grows more yellow, the mornings are chilly and crisp, and a few of the very earliest trees are starting to… Read more »

Money Memories. (Also, Dancing.)

When I was a little girl, probably six or seven, my mother sent me to school every day with my lunch and a quarter to buy milk. At some point, I figured out that if instead of buying milk, I saved my milk money for two days, I could buy an ice cream, which cost… Read more »

Writing Homework

Greetings from the back of beyond, dear readers. I love Deborah Kaplan‘s recent post called “Writing Homework for You, My Loyal Readers.” Last fall, Deborah and Amy Stern co-taught the fantasy course at Simmons College’s Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. After they’d started the semester, they realized what the opening assignment should have… Read more »

Bots High, Émile Zola, and yes, more 2CELLOS

I adore Bots High, which is a documentary about high school students in Miami building combat robots and competing in a national robotics competition. Incidentally, many, many of the robot engineers are girls. That’s only one of the reasons to watch — I love these kids, love their smarts, creativity, procrastination, anxiety, heart, the ways… Read more »

Links Before Leaving

I have a to-do list the length of, um, something long (why did I set myself up to have to take time to think up a clever metaphor?) so this will be quick, but — I’m reading a very funny book. It’s called Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School: Book the First) and is by Gail… Read more »

Happiness is being an aunt. Also, a book recommendation

I am getting some much-needed rest and rejuvenation with the help of some little girls in Florida. Recent conversations: Codename Isis (aged 3) (in the living room, building a puzzle): Where is the other puzzle piece?Codename Phoenix (aged 3) (thoughtfully): Science will solve this mystery. Isis (in the park): How will we get these ants… Read more »

Novel Snowstorm

Me in an email: Guys, it is snowing like the dickens. Rebecca in response: It is snowing like the Dickens, the Austen, and the Brontë.