And Now, from the Department of Randutiae

Behold the final cover for the French edition of Graceling! Whaddya think? Quite a departure from the others, huh? I get a real kick out of it myself and would love to hear what you think :o) Also, want to listen to me talk about my name? (I can just hear the screams of excitement… Read more »

Cybils, Segueing to Australia, la la la

Graceling is a finalist for the Cybils, the children’s and YA bloggers’ literary awards, in the Fantasy/SF category ^_^. Check out all the categories and all the finalists here. I haven’t read most of the other finalists (yet!!), but those I have read happen to be among my favorite reads of the year, and I… Read more »

Bringing in December with a Few More FAQs

Spoiler status: The following Frequently Asked Questions are generally spoiler-free. I do give away something about the way Gracelings look in question 3, so if you’re positively psycho about spoilers, skip #3. 1. Can I chat/IM with you online? *smile* That is a very sweet question. Truth is, I don’t chat online with anyone, not… Read more »

“We went to the moon to have fun…

…but the moon turned out to completely suck.” Have you all read Feed by M. T. Anderson? (That’s a link to the Amazon page, if you’d like to read the book’s premise. Which you probably don’t need to do, because you’ve read the book already, because you aren’t years behind, like I am. You’re probably… Read more »

FAQs About My Own Reading Library

Tip: if you’re looking for book recommendations beyond what you see here, click on the label “books” at the bottom of this page. That’ll take you to just about all the posts I’ve ever written in which I recommend books. Have you read Tamora Pierce and Robin McKinley? Gee, what gave you that impression? :o)… Read more »