In Which Wilhelmina Enters the World

I’m so happy to announce that There Is a Door in This Darkness is out in the world now, in print, as an ebook, and on audio. Please feel free to join me, Malinda Lo, and Tui Sutherland for an Instagram Live on Tuesday, June 18 at 7pm! My (and Malinda’s) editor Andrew Karre will be moderating in the background, collecting your questions and feeding them to us. Thank you, Andrew, for this, and for everything.

Please join Kristin Cashore, Tui Sutherland, and Malinda Lo for an Instagram Live on Tuesday, June 18 at 7pm to talk about Kristin's new book!

Also, if you’re looking for signed books, the stores where I’ve signed stock are:

Beacon Hill Books

Harvard Book Store

Belmont Books

Porter Square Books

Incidentally, while I was at Harvard Book Store this week, I learned that the employees are engaged in a fight for a living wage. Please show your support by signing their petition.

I’ll close with some sweetness: doughnuts :). Thank you, Jessica Jenkins, Theresa Evangelista, and Anna Booth for these delightful design elements.

my dust jacket, showing a small maze shaped like a doughnut, and my case spine, showing a small embossed doughnut.