The drifting makes me happy. I love the sharp lines

It’s been snowing for about 25 hours. I keep thinking about Almanzo Wilder and Cap Garland and hoping they’re okay.* Here is the view from codename: Apocalyptica’s garage in Swampscott.  That’s her buddy Margaret’s car, in case you didn’t recognize it as such. There are many magical things about a storm like this (provided you… Read more »

August Randutiae (Some Rather Cranky)

Every once in a while, I become overwhelmed by the crush of books I’m supposed to be reading (for research; as a favor for someone; because soon they’ll be due back at the library; because everyone’s telling me I should), and my soul revolts. I spend a week or so mulishly resisting reading anything at… Read more »

Writing Tools (Bright and Dark)

A few weeks ago, I showed you all the book map that I built for my office wall. This tool has proven itself to be invaluable. I consult it constantly as I’m working. It’s a stupendous structural aid as I reorder the events of this book and refocus the plot. I WANT TO MARRY IT…. Read more »

Margaret Mahy, 1936-2012

New Zealand writer Margaret Mahy died on Monday, July 23. She was 76 years old. Margaret Mahy could write emotions like sadness, fear, the desperateness of courage, so that you felt them as you read. A few lines from Alchemy (2004): Certainly the sound of her sadness had spread itself backward and forward through time…. Read more »

Tidbits on Release Day

Today is Bitterblue‘s release day! Happy reading to my readers. Happy birthday to my girl. It’s been a long time coming. For them that’s interested, here’s just one of the many seeds that planted in my mind and helped Bitterblue grow: Photo from Wikipedia Commons, taken by Int3gr4te Years ago, I saw Bernini’s sculpture of… Read more »

Birth of a Book

Hey everybody, sorry for the radio silence this past week. I’ve been on the road. I plan to be back next week, hopefully with some info about the Bitterblue release. Until then, I thought I’d share this beautiful little video of a book being born. Make it big on your screen; it looks great. Thanks,… Read more »