January Cold Randutiae

A couple years ago, we had one of those winters that never really got started… hardly any snow, and the temperatures weirdly high. Spring came and I felt like I’d been cheated. That’s certainly not happening this year. And here in Cambridge, our frequent temps of 10 and 20°F (-12 and -7°C, approximately) are downright… Read more »

Saint-Malo: Around Town

Before I get to the pictures, just wanted to announce a couple pieces of lovely news. (1) Bitterblue is a #1 bestseller in Sweden. A big thank you to my wonderful Swedish readers, and also to the folks at my Swedish publisher, Semic, who’ve put so much talent and effort into the book! As my… Read more »

To Celebrate

Where does the author go when she finds out that her book hit #2 on the New York Times bestseller list? The umbrella store, of course. (Bella Umbrella at the corner of 1st and Pine in downtown Seattle.) How many umbrellas does the author purchase at the umbrella store? Only the Shadow knows.

Best Ferry Ride EVAR

Today I took a ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and back again. In the course of that ferry ride, first I got some super good personal news that I’d been hoping for; then I found out that Barack Obama had endorsed gay marriage; and then I learned that Bitterblue had hit #2 on the… Read more »

I Dreamed a Dream

Some news deserves mention on the blog: in Germany, Fire, or Die Flammende, debuted on the Spiegel adult hardcover bestseller list. Shazam! Thanks so much to my German readers. I cannot wait to visit you in March. Also, FYI to American and Canadian readers: Fire is just coming out in paperback (the release date is… Read more »

In Which the Author Is So Grateful She Falls Over. Also, Here’s What to Do if You Have a Few Minutes

Today I’m starting with a thank you to my readers. THANK YOU for making Graceling a bestseller in Germany, and THANK YOU for putting the American paperback of Graceling on next week’s (Sep 27) New York Times bestseller list! I am overwhelmed. I am staring blankly like a slow loris. And giggling. *flops* So, how… Read more »