In Case You Are a Writer (or Any Other Sort of Discouraged Person)

Lateish last night, in the middle of the sixth revision of what will be my fourth published book, I inaugurated Notebook 24.
It’s been a long journey to the middle of the sixth revision of my fourth book. First I needed to write all the other books, and revise them, and write this one, and revise it five times. After I revise it for the sixth time, I will probably revise it for the seventh time.
Confession: I’m tired and cranky.
 I’m not the only one who was working hard in my office yesterday.
See the lily? (The tall, skinny one in the middle?)
Look what it had done by the end of the day.
How the heck did it do that? I don’t know. But I’m guessing it started a long time ago.
Keep trying.