The Last Few Days in Pictures, Again

At the Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts, they keep the register on display, set to October 19, 1895.
One traveler on this list is from Ohio, but the rest are from sooooo nearby… my friend pointed out that in 1895,
Lowell (about 14 miles from Concord on today’s roads) and Waltham (about 11 miles)
were far enough away that you might reasonably want to stop at an inn overnight.

In the skies above Vermont, I saw a cloud shaped like a pegasus.

At SkyVenture in New Hampshire, Kevin…

..and I did this thing called indoor skydiving that involved entering what is basically a spherical windtunnel…

where the wind holds you up and bats you around, and you feel like you’re flying.

Kevin adopted more of a superhero stance

whereas I literally look like I’m about to attack someone and I’m way too happy about it.

It was fun, and interesting, and different. You can get a discount with a Groupon, in case you’d like to try it yourself.
BTW, some of you have been around the blog long enough to remember the flying I used to do regularly.
For comparison purposes, the indoor skydiving was fun… but no, it was nothing like this.

Closer to home, I’m trying to hide from myself that I’m about to move house. What? Boxes?
I don’t know what you mean; I see my favorite winter scarf, which I’ve draped across the bookshelf,
as one does.

In my office, there is a big red blob that certainly does not have 20 boxes beneath it.

Just some Moomins. Move along please.

I’ve also knitted a turtle washcloth….
As practice for knitting my turtle blanket square.
Pattern, by SMARIEK, is here.

All seven buds are blooming on the orchid!

And I’m plotting, and, in free moments, still reading mystery after mystery after mystery.

*happy sigh*