Guess Where I Actually Am

Weights in a window.  Butterflies in a room.  An interesting collection waiting by the side of the road. (See the horse in the middle?)  Someone keeps their hat on their stoop.  Time to walk many dogs.  Getting somewhere… underground.  Look closely for clues…  Some clues are at your feet.  Some are backwards  and some are… Read more »

Fall Along the Northeast Corridor

Fall in Boston (Cambridge in the foreground)… fall in New York (Washington Square Park)… and fall at a train station in between. (Whereas once I would’ve said that these photos were taken thanks to my iPhone 4s, since the most recent iOS update, the best I can say is that they were taken despite my… Read more »

Fifth Avenue Pictures + a Podcast Interview

So, over three years ago, I spoke with Deirdre Johnson and Maria Ciccone at the Mount Kisco Public Library in Mount Kisco, New York about Fire. Only a few weeks ago, I spoke with Deirdre again and Deirdre’s sister Mary Johnson, this time about Bitterblue, and the podcast is now available for listening. We talked… Read more »

An Interview, Plus Views of and from Manhattan

Award-winning fantasy author Helen Lowe sent me a bunch of great questions all the way from New Zealand, and I answered them.  They’re now up on her blog.  Thank you so much, Helen!  Writers always ask the best questions (and never ask the worst ones ^_^). Now I need to go put Helen’s books on… Read more »

The Team

On the left is my stupendous agent, Faye Bender. On the right is my stupendous editor, Kathy Dawson. We are at the Penguin Young Readers Group cocktail party at the Top of the Standard, where the views are amazing. Hopefully I’ll have time to put together a little post of New York views. It was… Read more »


Hi everyone. I still exist. Apparently I am taking a small blog break! I didn’t see it coming or I would’ve announced it. But I’ve been doing some more travel, I’ve been having work meetings, I’ve been recuperating, I’ve been working on various categories of things, and somehow haven’t been feeling bloggy. I think a… Read more »

“Jarndyce and Jarndyce drones on.”

As often happens, I’ve got tons I’d like to blog about and no time. Ack! So, quickly, I’ve got two recommendations to offer: A book called The Brothers Story, by Katharine Sturtevant. Loved the characterizations, loved being inside Kit’s head while he works through a whole lot of things. If you like BBC productions of… Read more »