Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott, Happy Sigh

Tui and I are in agreement that this group routine, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh (who calls her style of choreography “combat jazz”) and Christopher Scott (hip-hop/animation/popping), made what was an otherwise meh SYTYCD season worthwhile. Danced by this season’s Top Ten and ten All-Stars. As usual, sorry about the screaming. I also find the spoken… Read more »

Sweet Songs and Dancing

This SYTYCD Top 14 dance, choreographed by Travis Wall and performed by Jessica Richens and Casey Askew, is so lovely and sweet, but every time I watch it, I’m utterly puzzled by the last few seconds. I feel like something must’ve gone wrong there. Surely it’s not supposed to look so much like he’s suddenly… Read more »

Just a Little Dance

Tui and I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance religiously for a bunch of years now. We have opinions and strong feelings. We are experts. At the moment, the show is in the midst of its eleventh season. For all these seasons, we’ve watched one group number a week, which is a… Read more »

Money Memories. (Also, Dancing.)

When I was a little girl, probably six or seven, my mother sent me to school every day with my lunch and a quarter to buy milk. At some point, I figured out that if instead of buying milk, I saved my milk money for two days, I could buy an ice cream, which cost… Read more »

It’s Crazy Season on the Blog

French cover of BB —-> Someday, I will have a plane to catch and not feel like I’m on the wrong side of an insurmountable To Do list. I’m sorry guys, I have lots of good books I want to talk about, but I just can’t get it together right now. I also want to… Read more »

La La La La

In the Boston Public Garden, walking on the grass is not allowed. The other day, codename: Isis (nearly two years old) kept trying to climb over the low chain to get onto the grass. Codename: Cordelia said to her, “No, Isis, we’re not allowed on the grass.” Isis said, “Okay Mommy.” Then she threw her… Read more »

Some Music and Dance Stuff for a Thursday

It’s hot in Massachusetts! Perfect for staying inside and writing a blog post. Especially a lazy one where instead of doing my own work, I point you to the work of others. :o) So, not having HBO, I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but a friend who does shared the spectacular opening credits with me:… Read more »

“The connection so crispy, so clean, so beefy”

My title today is how choreographer and wordsmith Lil’ C described an adorable lyrical hip-hop number from last week’s So You Think You Can Dance, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo, danced by Melanie Moore and Marko Germar, and linked to here, because you should really go watch it. It’s like an entire romantic comedy… Read more »