Umbrella Serendipity

I walked home through a lovely, gentle rain, then propped my umbrella up in front of the couch to dry. Seeing a package waiting, I opened it eagerly, suspecting it was the paperback of Jane, Unlimited. Then I noticed something matchy! Some things, at least, are aligned in this universe.

Jane, Unlimited Cover and Excerpt

I am happy and proud to direct you over to Entertainment Weekly, where my new cover is on display, along with an excerpt from the new book :o). Jane, Unlimited comes out September 19. Thank you so much to everyone at Penguin, especially Kathy, Claire, Elyse, and the entire design team, for this lovely cover… Read more »

A Preview of My Protest Pictures

Friends and family have sent me many, many pictures of Saturday’s protests — so far I have 15 cities represented — and I can’t want to share them. I’m just waiting a few more days to give people time to send me stuff. In the meantime, I encourage you to read Malinda Lo’s post about… Read more »

Today’s Election-Free Zone: Links to Beautiful Umbrellas

Let’s start big: The magical unicorn umbrella promises to allow you to “Summon unicorns whilst staying dry.” Disclaimer: “Unicorn sightings may vary depending on the strength of your imagination and the drugs you’ve consumed.” Whatever. Look at the handle. It obviously summons unicorns. Available at Next up: This clear dome umbrella has an adorable… Read more »


It is RAINING NOT SNOWING. Today I wore SNEAKERS NOT BOOTS. It’s all of 36°F (2°C), but there was only one possible choice of umbrella.

Paris: Work and Play

A day of work at the Bibliothèque Mazarine… followed by window shoppingon Boulevard Saint-Germain. (These shoes had ice cream cone heels!) Maybe hard to see — this was a shirt. Apparently wearing Ralph Lauren makes you climb up onto the bar. Incidentally, the umbrellas at Alexandra Sojfer were the main reason I needed to go… Read more »

This Never Happened When I Worked in Midtown Manhattan

Cantabrigians, how happy you make me on rainy days with your diverse display of beautiful, colorful umbrellas. I’ve lived in so many places where people think the only color for an umbrella is black. It turns out it’s hard to take pictures of people’s colorful umbrellas (while also holding an umbrella and various other things… Read more »