Umbrella Serendipity

I walked home through a lovely, gentle rain, then propped my umbrella up in front of the couch to dry. Seeing a package waiting, I opened it eagerly, suspecting it was the paperback of Jane, Unlimited. Then I noticed something matchy! Some things, at least, are aligned in this universe.

Jane, Unlimited Cover and Excerpt

I am happy and proud to direct you over to Entertainment Weekly, where my new cover is on display, along with an excerpt from the new book :o). Jane, Unlimited comes out September 19. Thank you so much to everyone at Penguin, especially Kathy, Claire, Elyse, and the entire design team, for this lovely cover… Read more »

A Preview of My Protest Pictures

Friends and family have sent me many, many pictures of Saturday’s protests — so far I have 15 cities represented — and I can’t want to share them. I’m just waiting a few more days to give people time to send me stuff. In the meantime, I encourage you to read Malinda Lo’s post about… Read more »

Today’s Election-Free Zone: Links to Beautiful Umbrellas

Let’s start big: The magical unicorn umbrella promises to allow you to “Summon unicorns whilst staying dry.” Disclaimer: “Unicorn sightings may vary depending on the strength of your imagination and the drugs you’ve consumed.” Whatever. Look at the handle. It obviously summons unicorns. Available at Next up: This clear dome umbrella has an adorable… Read more »


It is RAINING NOT SNOWING. Today I wore SNEAKERS NOT BOOTS. It’s all of 36°F (2°C), but there was only one possible choice of umbrella.

Paris: Work and Play

A day of work at the Bibliothèque Mazarine… followed by window shoppingon Boulevard Saint-Germain. (These shoes had ice cream cone heels!) Maybe hard to see — this was a shirt. Apparently wearing Ralph Lauren makes you climb up onto the bar. Incidentally, the umbrellas at Alexandra Sojfer were the main reason I needed to go… Read more »