Saint-Malo: Around Town

Before I get to the pictures, just wanted to announce a couple pieces of lovely news. (1) Bitterblue is a #1 bestseller in Sweden. A big thank you to my wonderful Swedish readers, and also to the folks at my Swedish publisher, Semic, who’ve put so much talent and effort into the book! As my… Read more »

Bicicletas and Biciclette

 bicycles parked on an Amsterdam street One night in Copenhagen, I was waiting for the hotel elevator, when two Danish men about my age stepped out of their room. One of them belched loudly as he stepped into the corridor — then saw me, and was embarrassed. They both started chuckling, and speaking to me,… Read more »

Kristianstad, Sweden

A friend expressed curiosity about what my responsibilities are on this sort of trip, so I thought I’d explain a bit more. The work thing I do most on a trip like this is press interviews. This can range from my press conference in Bologna a few years ago (to which a knight in shining… Read more »


Sleep-deprived, I got to the tiny Bromma airport at 7 this morning (a little Stockholm airport for short-distance flights), then learned my flight was delayed 2 hours. Two hours I could have been sleeping, if only there were prescient people who could warn us when a plane is about to go on the fritz. Such… Read more »

Stockholm Public Library

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t even been in Stockholm for two whole days and am already posting more pictures of the city than I did on my entire domestic tour combined, it has to do with time, space, opportunity, and breathing room. On my domestic tour, the pace was hard-core, I was leaving… Read more »

Beautiful Stockholm

I haven’t been taking many photos of Stockholm, because I realized quickly that my photos weren’t doing this beautiful city justice. But here are a few, including some amazing skies yesterday evening. The blogger app doesn’t let me organize the pictures, so they might be in a weird order.