Good morning from a rainstorm

Hi, friends. I’m writing to you from a dramatic and cozy rainstorm. The acoustics are mesmerizing. It’s been too long since I’ve blogged, and it’s because blogging continues to feel like too broad a canvas as my healing crawls along. It takes a long time to recover from brain surgery. My neurosurgeon says symptom recovery… Read more »


Hi, friends. It’s been about three and a half weeks since I had my decompression surgery to free up some space for my crowded cerebellum, and my healing is going well. If you follow me on Instagram (@kristincashore), then you’ve been seeing a lot of little updates, pictures, and videos about my journey, but today… Read more »

Presenting My New Cover

Today I’m pleased to share the cover for my upcoming There Is a Door in This Darkness, which comes out in June 2024. For more info and a brief excerpt, please visit the Penguin Teen Blog. This lovely cover was designed by Jessica Jenkins and Theresa Evangelista. I’ll have more details to share about this… Read more »

Greetings from the Land of Tech Headaches

Hi everybody. I am once again writing a blog post mainly for the purpose of testing whether my new email distribution system is working (signs point to no), so I apologize to anyone who continues to be subjected to these content-empty blog posts!! I’m not the absolute worst at tech stuff, and I even live… Read more »

Hi All

Hi everyone, today’s blog post is mostly a test for my new emailing system, so feel free to ignore it. I’m going to test whether I receive an email of it in a format that’s to my liking, then delete it. But I plan to be back soon with some actual content! I have a… Read more »